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Welcome Greeters!

I am so thankful you are here and willing to work.
Our goal is to welcome our visitors and help them in any way we can. Below are a few key aspects of the "Greeter" role and some things to keep in mind as you are fulfilling this role.

As always - we are thankful for your willingness to work!

Image by Tim Mossholder

Our hope is that one greeter would man the welcome center while the other two welcome guests as they come in and direct them to the welcome center. The one greeter behind the desk will help the visitors get "checked in" (Fill out the visitor card) via the tablets, paper, or scanning the QR code and then provide the Lords supper material (if applicable), give them any handouts for the day or bulletins and then direct them to their next destination. The other two will be near each of the main doors and the first person visitors should see when entering the building.

This is very fluid and flexible - any of the three greeters can trade places or move around as you see fit. The three of you are a team and we trust you to use your best judgement. 

The Greeter Role

In this role, we ask that you do the following (at a minimum) 

  1. Be Early - Please arrive 15 minutes before worship starts to begin greeting our visitors. As the service begins, one greeter will remain in the hall for 5-10 minutes and continue to receive our visitors. The security member on duty will act as the greeter for the remainder of the service.

  2. Greet the visitors - First, simply greet any visitors as they enter the building. Take the time to approach each visitor and say, “Welcome to Cason Lane.” Be sure to thank them for visiting.

  3. Ask how we can help - Be sure to ask visitors how we can help them. Ask if they need anything prayed for specifically, or if they have any questions about the service today.

  4. Visitor Card - Request each visitor to fill out a connect card. Each guest can choose to complete the card on a tablet, on their personal device (Scan the QR Code), or on a paper copy. If they choose a paper copy, be sure to follow up with them and retrieve the completed card. You can then enter the card manually into one of the tablets. This is extremely important, as it is the only mechanism we have as a church to follow up with our visitors. We collect these cards to:

    1. Send a “Thank you for visiting” card

    2. Provide additional resources or links to learn more

    3. Reach back out to encourage they come back and visit 

    4. Have a record of visitor attendance


  • Why is this so important?

    • In Mark 16:15, Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” It is our duty to spread the good news! By coming to our worship services, visitors are seeking Christ, they are knocking! Let us answer the call! Visitors should be one of our top priorities.

  • Why should we have assigned greeters?

    • Visitors may feel lost at first. Many have no idea what we do or why we do it. We can help them understand and show them what to do. When they walk in the door, a greeter can explain what we are doing and what to expect for the remainder of that service.

  • There are many kinds of visitors. Who is our main focus?

    • In many cases, visitors are just other Christians passing through. We love them, and are so thankful to have them worship with us! But they are not the priority of this position. This position is primarily to help those that are not currently Christians or who might be seeking Christ. Greet and be kind to everyone - spend most of your energy on the non Christians.

  • How can I make this effort even more impactful?

    • Follow up! If you have made a connection with a visitor, please follow up with them! You can check in on them, and invite them back to worship with us again. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their spiritual needs. If a visitor says they need help in some area, and you are not sure how to address it, no worries! Just tell them “Let me talk to my people and see what we can do!” You do not need to have all of the answers, you just need to be a safe place for them to ask.

    • If a visitor seems really confused or unsure what to expect - stick with them! Invite them to sit with you or stay close enough that they don't feel alone and confused. We have three members assigned to the greeter role for every service, so if one visitor needs your undivided attention - then give it to them! 

Easy as ABC

  • Ask how we can help

  • Be an ambassador

  • Connect!

Image by Jean-Guy Nakars

Thank you!

We are blessed to have such a willing and working group of Christians here. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the deacons.

Let us go be a light to the world!

Greeter Duty Schedule

To view the full schedule of greeters you can log into the member section of the website and look at the job assignment calendar

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